segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2016

Z408 Trip

Noting the already deciphered deciphered Z408, in the first part that was sent to ... if we look at the first column of this code, perfectly located the name LEIGH note that the alphabetic symbols, including the letter inverted K, separately from non symbols alphabetic, and the L belongs to the alphabetic symbol and the remaining letters equivalent to the resolution of that code. Note the image. Are many coincidences...

segunda-feira, 27 de junho de 2016


I was the better observe the first column of the Z340, I noticed that a small message appears in theory, in morse I ENSLAVES. A coincidence ?? !!  ENSLAVES enslaves

extract the alphabetic symbols only


in morse code
.. .-. .. ..- ... -... -. ....

morse way

.. . -. ... .-.. .- ...- . ... .


play morse HERE

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